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Engaging Indigenous people within Higher Ed

CQUniversity's Office of Indigenous Engagement recently hosted a visit from the Oodgeroo Unit of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), at Rockhampton Campus.

Professor Anita Lee Hong, Director of the Oodgeroo Unit, and Lone Pearce, Project Officer, met with Office of Indigenous Engagement staff to discuss employment issues and best practice models for engaging Indigenous people within the higher education sector, including governance matters.

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Con Academy raises curtain for latest program in Mackay 

The Con Academy Music Theatre program is now open for aspiring musical theatre performers from Grades 1 to 12 who love to sing, dance and act.

Hosted by the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM), the Academy classes provide musical theatre training for primary and secondary school age children in Mackay and surrounding districts.

The classes allow children to explore their talents in drama, singing and dance within the context of music theatre, using the professional theatre facilities at the Conservatorium of Music on the Mackay campus of CQUniversity.

Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the visiting professional theatre directors who work with the full-time tertiary students, adding an exciting dimension to the Con Academy classes.

PhotoID:13819, Hannah Blomfield will lead the Con Academy for young performers in 2013. Positions are now open.
Hannah Blomfield will lead the Con Academy for young performers in 2013. Positions are now open.
Previous internationally acclaimed music theatre professionals who have worked with students at CQCM Mackay have included Dale Pengelly (Brisbane), Thern Reynolds (Melbourne), John Wregg (Sydney), Chris Horsey (Sydney),  Drew Anthony (Sydney), Peter Cousens (Sydney) and Chloe Dallimore (Sydney).

The classes are led by Hannah Blomfield, a CQUniversity graduate in music theatre, who has a passion for all things theatrical. She is enthusiastic about working with the Con Academy and helping participants nurture their talents.

This year, the classes are on Saturdays with Grades 1 to 4 from 10am - 11am; Grades 5 to 8 from 11am - 12.30pm and Grades 9 to 12 from 12.30pm - 2pm.

The first class will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2013.

There are still limited vacancies in all classes. If you wish your child to enrol, please email academy@cqu.edu.au or phone the Conservatorium office on 4940 7800 to obtain an information booklet and registration form.