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Engaging Indigenous people within Higher Ed

CQUniversity's Office of Indigenous Engagement recently hosted a visit from the Oodgeroo Unit of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), at Rockhampton Campus.

Professor Anita Lee Hong, Director of the Oodgeroo Unit, and Lone Pearce, Project Officer, met with Office of Indigenous Engagement staff to discuss employment issues and best practice models for engaging Indigenous people within the higher education sector, including governance matters.

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Trixie and team provide food for the masses 

CQUniversity staff members pitched in to keep the energy and spirit levels high among Bundaberg flood victims and volunteers, by handing out food and necessities over a two-week period. 

Trixie James and several CQUniversity staff members were part of a team who offered to help deliver food in the evacuation centre at the Citicoast Church under the banner of ‘Global Care' - a food distribution arm of the church.

PhotoID:14045, Trixie James (second left) with volunteers who helped distribute food and necessities to Bundaberg flood victims.
Trixie James (second left) with volunteers who helped distribute food and necessities to Bundaberg flood victims.
Trixie said that thanks to the generous support of the local community, they were able to feed around 80 evacuees and numerous volunteers, as well as sending food packages out to the community on a daily basis.

"The role turned out to be huge as this was the only place that accepted food donations from the local community," Trixie said.

"We sent out two helicopter loads of food to Baffle Creek as they were completely cut off. We also drove car and trailer loads across to North Bundaberg, via a one-and-a-half hour route, to those residents who were completely cut off due to the instability of the bridges, and we delivered cut lunches to teams who were assisting in the clean-up efforts."

Trixie said the team also set up food hubs in clean-up zones and provided water, biscuits and sausage sizzles for the community who were cleaning in those areas.

"We distributed, and are still distributing, food into schools through the school chaplains and transported pallets of food over to the North Burnett schools as well."

"We had over 500 volunteers assisting us throughout this time and without their help, we might not have achieved what we did."

"It was a huge two weeks - but very worthwhile."

The work is still continuing, with Global Care receiving 22 pallets of food plus 20 tonnes of perishable items. Their food distribution arm is still helping out those in need and there are still plenty who require assistance.