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Engaging Indigenous people within Higher Ed

CQUniversity's Office of Indigenous Engagement recently hosted a visit from the Oodgeroo Unit of Queensland University of Technology (QUT), at Rockhampton Campus.

Professor Anita Lee Hong, Director of the Oodgeroo Unit, and Lone Pearce, Project Officer, met with Office of Indigenous Engagement staff to discuss employment issues and best practice models for engaging Indigenous people within the higher education sector, including governance matters.

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PhotoID:15001, Forum participants L-R Professor Barry Golding, Jan Crowley, Assoc Prof Bobby Harreveld, Shelley Truscott and Sally Thompson

Adult learning peak body visits, calls for 'reassessment'

The president of Australia's peak adult learning body, Professor Barry Golding has visited Rockhampton for a forum calling for a reassessment of adult education in Australia.

CQUniversity hosted the forum at its Ron Smyth Building in Quay Street.

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  • QCWA Bursary Awarded
    Published on 04 April, 2002

    Central Queensland University student Jonathan Ladewig will get a $500 boost towards his studies thanks to the Queensland Country Women’s Association, Central Highlands Division.

    The former Emerald resident is a Bachelor of Information Systems/ Bachelor of Accounting student at CQU’s Rockhampton campus and is also a boarding master at Rockhampton Grammar School.

  • Young local artists exhibit at CQU: Regional senior secondary art students' compelling message
    Published on 03 April, 2002

    An art show featuring the works of three talented Rockhampton school students will open at the Arthur Appleton Gallery at Central Queensland University on Friday 5 April.

    “The exhibit arrives at CQU Wednesday (3 April) to be uncrated and set-up” said Deann Campbell, the University’s art collection coordinator.

  • Language Centre newcomer keen to expand client base:
    Published on 03 April, 2002

    New CQU Language Centre Acting Director of Studies Paulo Vieira is keen to build a client base, and he is not restricting his scope to tertiary students or even to the building on campus.

    Mr Vieira is looking for opportunities to deliver language centre services throughout the region, and believes the global language/tourism market is a relatively untapped market for this region.

  • Healthy & Wise: CQU researcher undertakes unique workplace research project
    Published on 02 April, 2002

    Scores of studies about Heath & Workplace issues have been reported in the papers and on the evening news, but a new and different research project underway at Central Queensland University could offer groundbreaking theories on how you view health and well-being issues at your own workplace.

    CQU researcher Karen Nelson says the study will provide valuable information that “will hopefully direct workplace health and safety policies and practices affecting anyone with a job” within organisations in Queensland and beyond.

  • Visiting pianist aims to remove barriers
    Published on 02 April, 2002

    Visiting international pianist Ali Wood aims to remove barriers with her audience through lighting, staging, conversation and choice of music.

    Ali Wood is performing with the Rockhampton Concert Orchestra at Rockhampton’s Pilbeam Theatre from 8pm on Saturday, April 13.

  • CQU's 'Lovely' Star Gazer
    Published on 27 March, 2002

    Central Queensland University lecturer, Jeannette Delamoir, has explored the life of Louise Lovely, Australian silent film star, to discover how stars are created, maintained, represented and understood by audiences.

    Lovely is almost forgotten today, although her name became more familiar in Australia in 2000, when the Australian Film Institute’s awards were named the “Lovelys” (the name was dropped the following year).

  • Another Golden Key for Brisbane International Campus
    Published on 27 March, 2002

    Paul Shaw, a student from England, recently joined fellow student, Freda Unusi, from the Soloman Islands, as the latest Brisbane International Campus (BIC) student to receive an offer to become a member of the prestigious and highly sought after Golden Key National Honour Society.

    “When I opened the letter of invitation to become a Golden Key member, I was surprised and didn’t know what to think”, Paul said.

  • Engineering scholarship awarded
    Published on 27 March, 2002

    The winner of the first Queensland Rail Women in Engineering Scholarship was announced this month at a ceremony attended by representatives of Queensland Rail and Central Queensland University.

    Jenny McKenna, a third-year Co-op student, will receive financial assistance of $10,000 over two years through the scholarship.

  • Ethics and Journalism: Former 60 Minutes Reporter at CQU
    Published on 27 March, 2002

    Veteran newsman Jeff McMullen will visit Central Queensland University Rockhampton to talk with the public and consult with CQU Journalism students on global and ethical responsibilities of journalists in the 21st century.

    The former ABC foreign correspondent and 60 Minutes reporter is scheduled to appear 11April at CQU’s City Centre Community Relations building, formerly the Supreme Court Building, on East Street at 1230PM.

  • International multicultural photo contest announced: Celebrating life in rural communities
    Published on 27 March, 2002

    Central Queensland Multicultural Fair, in association with CQU and ABC Radio 4RK will sponsor an international photo contest celebrating the diversity of people and cultures in rural communities around the world.

    The contest is free to enter and finalists and winners are to be acknowledged in State of the Arts, the leading Australian performing and visual arts magazine and website, in local newspapers, on the ABC, and exhibited in a public gallery located in Central Queensland.